Pan Nation Steel Orchestra is a professional steel band based in Tottenham. Our players come together from all over London to rehearse weekly in our North London home.

At just seven years old, the Pan Nation community has grown to over 60 players and with every concert we recruit more supporters and interest. Over the years we have achieved a lot and we are now the official band of Tottenham Hotspurs. 2016 was also the second year we took part in the nation-wide steel drum competition Pan Explosion. Last year our over 25s entry won, and this year our under 25s entry one, so we aim to keep our winning streak running! We are very proud of our players’ achievements and hope to use this platform as a means to share them with you.

We also run beginners’ and intermediate steel drum classes on Sundays. Pan Nation encourages anyone to join in and learn something new – as long as you have passion for music then the steel drum could be the instrument for you! If you are interested in picking up a new skill please contact us at