Pan Profile #05

Rianna Christie

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of nation?



What’s your role in Nation?

I am joint Bass section leader.


What does that role include?

Making sure my whole section knows the music and also allocating people out to different gigs.

ebony blocko group photo.jpg

What is your favorite song on our set list to play?

Ah Feeling.

rianna fixing basses.jpg

What song would you bring back that is no longer on our set list?

In De Minor.

rianna winter concert

What song would you have Nation learn next if you could choose?

Ahh, I think we have played all the ones I have wanted to learn, I’ll have to look for more…


What’s your favorite thing about Nation?

Probably how close we are, there is no one in Nation that I feel awkward to talk to and we usually get along really well.

rianna and scratcher

What would you change/improve about Nation if you could?

If we could be more involved when Chris is arranging. For instance, getting everyone to listen when Chris gives out the notes to each section so that we can hear the music build and come together.

ebony panorama 2016.jpg

What’s your short-term goal for Nation?

To win Jr Panorama.


What’s your long-term goal for Nation?

To get the whole band into music theory so that we can actually understand how Chris arranges songs, chord progressions, key changes, scales and more!

rianna in pn hoodie

Rianna’s Journey

2006 – Joined Haringey’s beginner’s band

2009 – Joined Hornsey Steel Band (went on three tours with this band: Italy, Spain, and Holland)

2013 – Joined Pan Nation Steel Orchestra

2016 – Performed at Rotterdam Carnival with Pan Nation Steel Orchestra; Played in Panorama with Ebony, placing first



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