Pan Profile #06

Christopher Storey

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Pan Nation?


patasia panorama

CSI panorama nation

What is your role in Nation?

Manager/Arranger/Pan daddy

chris at hornsey

Chris four pan panorama

How was the name ‘Pan Nation’ chosen?

When I was at secondary school I wanted to start my own community band and I called it Pan Nation, but it never did happen…it never did start. So, it was a name that stuck with me since I was a child

chris at panorama time ago

chris and maisha barbados

What is your favourite thing about Nation?

How they allow me to experiment with them using different musical ideas; different types of music as well and they are always willing to give it a go, even if they don’t like that genre of music

chris with CSI frontline

Pantasia thunder coming

What’s your favourite song that nation plays?

If I was saying my favourite song, Liberian Girl, but if I was to say my favourite arrangement I would say Spain

chris at some panorama practice

chris CSI

What is your short-term goal for Nation?

Work on technique and getting the band to know their instrument well and not just something they see once a week

1988 panorama with eclipse chris

Chris CSI? four pan panorama.jpg

What is your long-term goal for Nation?

To start a beginners group for children. Getting the band playing at Panorama and Nottinghill Carnival


Chris CSO cheers to life

How long has Nation been running?

7 years


Front line nation gig .jpg

What was the hardest thing about starting nation?

Worrying about income to cover our rent and whether we were going to have players that would want to come and play for Pan Nation at the beginning


chris rah?

What is the hardest thing about running Nation at the moment?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard to run but I would say some years we have a lot of gigs and some years we don’t. I think what would be nice would be that consistency of gigs. I think as a manager I need to delve into what I need to do to keep getting these regular gigs. So that we don’t have such sporadic gigs.

Chris at 1000 Pans

Chris bass panorama

Chris’ journey

Started playing pan for Seven Sisters Primary School Band

1988– Started to play for Eclipse Steel Orchestra

1989– First played Panorama with Eclipse playing ‘Nani Wine’

1995– Entered the Jr Solo Panist and won! Started teaching pan in schools for the Haringey Music Service

1998– Formed Haringey Schools Steel Orchestra

2005– Won Pan Explosion with Pantasia

2006– Won Pan Explosion with Pantasia. Arranged first Panorama tune with Pantasia playing ‘Max it up’ placing last

2007– Arranged ‘Band from Space’ with Pantasia for Panorama placing 5th

2008 – Arranged ‘Thunder coming‘ with Pantasia for Panorama placing 5th

2009– Started Pan Nation

2015– Won Pan Explosion with Nation! Won Haringey Music Teacher of the Year award

2016– Brought Nation to Rotterdam Carnival

Played with multiple bands over the years- Ebony, PanVibrations, Pantonic, Stardust, CSI, CSO, Pantasia, London All Starts and Eclipse

Travelled across Europe and to Barbados with his school bands

Performed numerous times at the Royal Albert Hall with Haringey Steel Orchestra, Hornsey School for Girls Steel Band, Holy Trinity CE Primary School Steel Band and Pimlico Academy Steel Band

Was invited by Endurance and Pan Jazz International to arrange some selected tunes



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