Pan Profile #07

Nia Reid

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Nation?



What pan do you play?



How long have you been playing for Nation?

6 years, daaamn I feel old!


What is your favourite song on the set list?

Soca Medley (Lucy/ Different me/ Sorry) even though Lucy is a full on work out on the arms this medley always has me moving LOL!

nation party nia hana aoife

What song would you bring back that we no longer play?

OMG, do you remember Carnival Tabanca?! I would love to bring that back! *starts humming the tune*

Nia with flag at nation blocko

What song would you suggest we learn next?

Ooooo maybe R. kelly: Bump n Grind or Aaliyah: Rock the Boat! If we play them there will be pure body roles!

nia marathon

What is your favourite thing about Nation?

I love how we’re all a family! We’re there for one another; we help each other reach our fullest potential; we vibes together; we have banter together and we throw shots at each other! There is just pure love within the band and that’s my favourite thing about Nation!

Nia and kym endurance pano

What’s one thing you would improve about Nation?

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I know what I need to work on as an individual but as a band, it’s much harder. If I had to though I would say technique, although we have come a long way from where we began!

Nia and kym nation blocko

What are your short-term goals for Nation?

To win Jr.Panorama and to get our own pan yard and pans


What are your long-term goals for Nation?

To go international and for everyone to know our name #ShoSho


Nia’s journey

2005 – Started playing pan at primary

2008 – Played at the Royal Albert Hall and joined Haringey Steel Orchestra

2011 – Joined Nation, Played at the Lord Mayor’s Show and toured Barbados with Haringey

2014 – Left Haringey

2015 – Played Panorama with Endurance and entered Pan Explosion with Nation’s under 25’s coming 3rd

2016 – Played in Rotterdam Carnival and came 1st in Pan Explosion with Nation’s under 25’s

Nation x


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