5 tips to become a panist

  1. Find your local band– This sounds obvious but by going and visiting the nearest band to you, you’re more likely to take part! It’s amazing how many people say they are going to start but never go to see the band around the corner. The local band will like you taking an interest and even if you decide at this point it’s not for you, you can still support your local community band.
  2. Be determined- you are not going to be a virtuoso in a day! However, if you stick at it, you will get better. I would suggest filming yourself every so often. As musicians, we sometimes focus on the critique and don’t credit ourselves enough.
  3. Reflect- Although it is very important to give credit where credit is due, we are never going to be perfect. It is important to look at what you have achieved and how you can improve from there. Reflection does not mean criticising for no reason! If you can’t think about a way to improve to try and correct the mistake or inaccuracy you are being too harsh.
  4. Practice till you’re sick of hearing it- and then carry on practicing! You want to be able to play it till you can’t get it wrong, not just till you get it right. This is something that can be boring to do but that you will carry on doing no matter how good you are at playing pan.
  5. Get your own sticks- This means you’ve made an investment in your journey and are more likely to stay on track. It also means that they will be to your taste and work with your pan, as you learn what to get for your needs after a while. It would also be a good idea to pay for sessions in advance to make sure you are more likely to attend.

Being part of a band gets a lot easier. At first, you don’t know anyone and might find the songs difficult. However, as you get along you make friends at it becomes home. You will no longer need to pay in advance because pan becomes the highlight of your week! We hope this has helped those who have wanted to start learning pan.

Nation x


2 thoughts on “5 tips to become a panist

  1. I am 73 years old i ,ve always liked pan music
    I wonder if i could at this age learn to play pan
    I live in the netherlands the two group we have are far from where i live .
    My question is is it expensive to have a pan even if it is one refurbished


    1. Hi Henderson, you could learn pan at any age it’s never too late.
      Pans can be pretty expensive and they aren’t all one price. The cheapest would be a tenor pan and even cheaper if it’s a second hand one. Also, you have to think about the price of the stand for the pan, getting a pair of sticks and the times you’ll have to get it re-tuned.

      I hope this answers your question. Thanks for reading our blog. 🙂

      Nation x


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