Intermediate band

We are really proud of all of our bands and thought it was about time we gave a proper introduction to them all. Starting off with the intermediate band, this mini-series will give some information about each band and some social media links for you to check-out so we can show off how far they have come.

intermediate front row

The intermediate band has technically been running for 4 years. However, it started off being called the adult band and the name only changed when the beginners’ band began, in order to differentiate between the two. As it is our longest running adult band you will imagine it to be our most developed, and it is.

westminster mile jacquie

We try to show them off at every opportunity possible and they play at our Blockorama in the summer as well as our winter concert and select high-profile gigs such as the Westminster Mile. This allows them to not only to show off what they have learnt but also gain the experience of gigging.

adult intermediate winter concert practice

Our intermediate band is currently full, and we are proud to announce that there is a constant stream of inquiries about joining. We are honoured that this band is doing so well and hope that its success continues. You can follow our Intermediate Band’s progress through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you will find photos and video content of all our bands. We hope you enjoy!

Nation x


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